Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly are Bree's Pet Treats?

A: Bree's Pet Treats are 100% natural and organic pet treats. They are homemade and made fresh. When we get an order, that's when the treats are being made. We never make treats when there is no order unless we are making samples for pictures or new customers. You treats that you have ordered will be as fresh as possible. They are made only with ingredients proven to be non-toxic to pets.

Q: How can you order treats?

A: You can order treats by sending us your order in the contact section of our website, you can call Paws in the Park, and if you are a customer of Paws in the Park, you can tell the staff there what you would like to order.

Q: What kinds of treats are there?

A: There are many kinds of treats that Bree's Pet Treats has to offer. There are multiple types of bars, cookies, bones, biscuits, and miscellaneous treats including cakes, biscotti, and many many more. The treats aren't just limited to the ones listed on this site, there are many more coming soon!

Q: What is Paws in the Park?

A: Paws in the Park is a quality daycare for dogs owned by a close friend of mine. If you would like more information on Paws in the Park or would like to sign up, please go to